Friday, June 3, 2011

Yosemite NP Day 2

Got up this morning ready to go back and experience the beauty of Yosemite. So far my favorite park...of course, we still have a long way more to go.
We wanted to get to the park early and get tickets for the Yosemite Valley tram air with ranger to guide us. We did get tickets on the 10 AM tour. Sat next to a honeymooning couple from Guernsey, UK. So cute!
Our ranger guide was very good. Great presentation all the way. We stopped at the photo ops and heard all about the history. It was cold but nice and sunny. It is forecasted to rain later so we're happy we're doing this early. Really good way to see everything and hear all about the park and what it's like to be a ranger.
After the tour we went back to the deli for lunch. Sat with a young couple from Santa Monica. The young lady decided she wanted to go with us to Alaska. It was fun to meet more young people out enjoying the national parks.
The park was very busy today...Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. Good place to people watch. Shuttles were packed!
After lunch we took the shuttle to Vernal Falls. Everyone said this was a necessary hike...necessary to test your heart and lung capacity. The walk was almost straight up on a leaf covered stone path...narrow at that with people coming down as well. Straight drop off on the ascent side of the path! There were people pushing up baby strollers...they have to be crazy! The most fun was seeing all the tiny people running up and down...where did all my energy go!
We made it to the footbridge at the base of the falls...beautiful enough for me. The rest of the climb was supposed to be more difficult...could it get MORE difficult! We decided it was enough to survive the climb we already made so headed back down. It was all beautiful to be sure. After getting back down we got back on the shuttle with all the other sardines and stopped at Curry Village to hear a ranger talk. Stayed for most of it but it started raining so we decided to go. The talk was geared to kids so we don't feel we missed much.
Back in the sardine can and off to the car. It was so late we decided to pass on the Mariposa Grove since we had been to Sequoia and see the most beautiful trees we could imagine already. We'll be leaving Yosemite in the morning but enjoyed this park so much.

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  1. Wonderful, Bev! I feel I am right along with you! I know how hard it is to write details of what you have seen when you are worn out from seeing it all...appreciate so very much your blog and FB pics. This is a trip of a lifetime and so happy you allow everyone to tag along via this blog! Keep 'em you can!!