Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trip Countdown

It is June 1st, 2010, today. This is the month we planned to depart for our Alaskan Adventure. We are still planning to leave...just later this month. Jim has some commitments which need his attention before we can get back on the road. If everything goes well, we will be leaving closer to the end of June.
Jim is already diving headfirst into the books we've collected on Alaska. He's already bought a more recent edition of The Milepost. We also had a visit with friends who have RV traveled through Canada and into Alaska before. They showed us photos and maps and talked about the things they saw and places they went. All great information which has just excited us more about the trip.
As we get underway I will hopefully be posting daily blogs about our travels. I always promise to do that on all our trips...keep a diary...but haven't been completely successful yet. Alaska is such a big and long trip I want to make sure I document it all.
Maybe some of my friends will read this blog and "take the trip" with us.