Friday, June 3, 2011

Yosemite National Park

We drove to Yosemite from Sequoia NP. We couldn't get reservations in the park so we found cute little campground just outside the park. We actually lucked into our spot because one of their regular visitors had to cancel suddenly because of illness. We were given their exclusive site #39. Perfect! Nice shaded spot beside the Fresno River with a waterfall just outside the rig. It was in Oakhurst, CA. Cute little tourist town with everything you'd need. Beautiful grocery store and lots of restaurants.
The first morning there we got up early and headed to Yosemite NP. A trip up winding roads. After the 17 mile journey up the mountain we came to a tunnel. At almost the end of the tunnel we saw a sign to beware of stopped vehicles and crossing pedestrians....on a winding mountain road??? I could see why. When we exited the tunnel we were met by the most beautiful vista of El Capitan and Bridalveil Falls. Breathtaking! There were parking lots on both sides for people to stop and enjoy but we decided to head on towards Yosemite Valley. We did stop at Bridalveil Falls trailhead and make the walk to the base of the falls. Too bad I forgot my rainboots and umbrella! The trail eventually let to steep stone walk where water was pouring down...oh well, wet shoes and socks. We just had to keep going...too beautiful to miss. Tooks some pics and headed back down, carefully! Walked some more on the trail at the base and looked at the falls at the bottom. We were now freezing with wet feet and wet hair. So what...couldn't pass up that experience.
After leaving Bridalveil Falls we headed straight to the public parking near the visitor center. Parked the car and used the shuttle bus to travel all around the park. Came back to the Visitor Center and sat in on the Yosemite film then had lunch at the deli...delicious chicken salad with avocado on a croissant. After lunch we hopped back on the shuttle and went to the trailhead for Mirror Lake. Took that short but uphill walk to the beautiful lake. Walked back down then took the shuttle back to the visitors center parking lot to pick up the car. We stopped at the Tunnel to view the vista and take some pics. (Yes, Rick, I took that picture...didn't purchase it!)
We went on to Glacier Point Road which had just been opened at noon after the winter. The sides of the road were still stacked with snow...some of it looked new. Very winding road with water running everywhere. Finally made it to the top and got out to take some pics. It looked like a professional photographers convention...big cameras and tripods everywhere. Some people were also across the fence setting up cameras. It was freezing up there! On our way back down the road we suddenly had to completely stopped on the road. There was a bear in the snow. He, or she, looked huge. Too bad Jim stopped right where I couldn't get a clear picture from the car. Continued on back down to the road and set out for Mariposa Grove which was near the exit from the park. Got to the grove and wanted to take the tram ride through the grove but we missed the last one at 5 PM. I was so exhausted from all the hiking that we didn't try walking through it. We'd come back tomorrow and try.
Very beautiful day and we get to do it all again tomorrow.

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