Friday, June 3, 2011

Long time no blog

Today we're in Medford, OR. Actually we are camping in a lovely campground, Medford Oaks RV Campground in Eagle Point, OR. This stop was planned on our schedule to see an old Navy buddy of Jim. We got to visit with he and his wife at their beautiful home in Jacksonville, OR, not far from Medford. We also had dinner with them last night at a local Thai restaurant...lots of delicious food. We enjoyed the time we've spent with them. Lots of stories going back and forth.
It is good that we were planning this stop here because of all the RV repair shops here. Yes...we've had some trouble but have managed to have most repairs done already. Can't believe how nice and helpful everyone has been. We still have a couple more things to have checked out so will be here thru Monday.

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