Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Medford, OR, for RV repairs (several days)

Leaving Redwood NP this morning, May 31st. We got up very early to get on the road. We wanted to get to Medford as soon as possible to see if we could get into the shop for exhaust brake repair. Had no problem getting rig out of site and hooked up the tow just outside gate. Raining and cold. CA-199 is very winding and has steep drop offs. Beautiful drive though and Jim did very well handling the rig on all the tight curves and up and down without the jake brake. We got to Grants Pass in super time around 9 am. We stopped at wal-mart to make some calls and got to Medford at about 10. Went straight to Oregon Light Truck and RV repair shop on Crater Lake Highway and they checked out the rig. They can’t repair for us but we had them do service…oil and lube. They called Pacific Power Products, an Allison Transmission dealer, and arranged for us to be there in the morning for repairs. They let us camp out in their parking lot overnight. We filled up the water tank. We did find a DQ and had a blizzard. Got the car washed and got gas…we are not allowed to pump our own gas. A nice little man did it and also scrubbed down the car before we went through the car wash.
Jim’s friend, Dick Ames, called and invited us to their home tonight. We both showered and got to their house at around 7 pm. We just visited and had some wine before heading back to the rig for the night. Still raining.


Got to the Pacific Power Products shop around 8 am. We left the rig with them and went off exploring. We checked out the radio problem at a shop and will take the rig there tomorrow to have them look at it.
Shopped at Walmart and bought a small tent and sleeping bags with pads for the trip on the ferry. We will have one leg of the trip which is 24 hours long!
We went shopping at Ross’s and TJMaxx…walked around the mall and went thru Macy’s (I'm looking for a heavy coat). Had lunch at DQ…I had a corn dog and Jim had a chili dog then we both had blizzards again!! My diet is being severely damaged. I'll get back on schedule when we return home in August.
It’s been cold and raining and then warm and sunny then cold and raining again all day. Everyone says it’s weird weather. Hope it gets better.
We also went to Sprint shop and bought my phone a new cover and new protective screen cover.
Picked up the rig…the exhaust brake is repaired!!! at about 5 PM. Went straight to the tire place and had two new tires put on the front. Camping out in Walmart parking lot tonight. Hopefully tomorrow we can get radio figured out and then check on step problem.
Made reservation for campsite at Medford Oaks on 140 for tomorrow thru Saturday. May extend if possible. Hope to see Dick and his wife again tomorrow.


Still in Medford. Got up early and got to Progressive Audio to have radio checked out. They said we needed a new base and had to order that. We made appointment for 1 pm tomorrow to have that installed. We left there and went to set up camp in Medford Oaks. Very nice campground. We only have water and electric. They have a man who comes to your site to dump your tanks. We’ll do that on Friday.

Took showers and got cleaned up. We’re picking up Dick at his home at around 4:30 and will met Jesse at a thai restaurant in Medford. Had a great meal…Jesse ordered everything for us. Lots of food. We said our goodbyes and went back to the rig.


The guy who dumps tanks at our site came by about 11:30. We got to the audio shop early and just parked and waited until our 1 pm appointment. We left the guys working on the radio and went to Triple A RV Center to see if we could come in early to have rig checked out…steps, etc. Jim talked to the man in service and got some tips on repairs Jim could do. Oh, did I say our TV antennae is now not working. Yes.
We went back to audio store and the guys had the Sirius fixed. Went back to Medford Oaks and Jim worked on the tv antennae. Jim managed to lose some small parts and, miraculously, I found them on the ground which was covered by small stones. The TV antennae now works better. Jim replaced the entire mechanism. Watched some tv and went to bed.


Planned to go to Ashland today. Ashland is south of Medford and is a very artsy town. We walked through the Farmers Market. Greens and vegs looked beautiful…lots of very artsy people there. Town is really cute…lots of shops and old houses. We parked and walked through some shops and around the main market area. We decided to go back and visit Jacksonville…that’s the town Dick lives in. We parked and looked for somewhere to eat. I had read about a New York Jewish deli. We found it! MacLevin’s Wholefood Deli. We both had something call The Meunch. Pastrami and corned beef with swiss on grilled rye. Delicious. We also had coleslaw with it. We should have shared a sandwich. I ate all mine…so did Jim. YUM!
We walked a lot downtown after lunch and went into The Lone Star…a bar and café. There was a man from Caprice Vineyards doing wine tasting…$5 each for four wines. If we buy some wine they will deduct that cost. All of the wine was good. We had a nice talk with the man…he moved to Jacksonville from SF about 7 years ago. We did buy a Voigner and took it to the car before walking some more. We walked all the way to The Pony Espresso…a coffee shop and café. We needed some coffee before going to Dick’s for dinner. Never ate so much.
Went to Dick’s and drove into the driveway and saw some deer in his yard. I took some pics. We got to Dick’s about 4:30 PM and went out on the deck for wine. Dick and Jim looked over old pics and books Dick had about the navy. I took some pics of them. We met Pokey…their 3 year old English setter(?). Very excited to meet us. He calmed down very quickly and was a sweet dog. We went with Dick and Jesse next door to feed the neighbors dogs. That house will be for sell soon. It has a salt water pool in back and a fantastic view of Mt. McLoughlin. Amazing…you can look at the mountain from the kitchen windows. Beautiful. It sprinkled a little. We went back and watched Jesse and Dick finish preparing dinner and sat down to eat. Fresh corn off the cob, scalloped potatoes, pork tenderloin and salad. Jesse brought out a decadant chocolate ice cream cake from Baskins Robbins for Jim’s birthday which is tomorrow. Too much food today but all was delicious. Jesse gave me a little pork to take home. Wonder if I could eat this without sharing with Jim?


Jim’s birthday and our 29th anniversary. We planned to go see Crater Lake today. Very overcast today but we went anyway. Long drive…about 65 miles one way. Beautiful countryside on the way. Got up there and snow was everywhere…about 12 feet of it. Only one road cleared. We got to see the Lodge and gift shop and café. We had to climb up on the snow to see the lake. Amazing and beautiful. Surrounded by snow capped mountains. Lots of people there…not as much as summer I’m sure. It was a little scary walking on the snow. Some places my foot went deep…did not want another experience like Sequoia NP. Went as far on the rim road as we could and took lots of pics. Left there and went to Annies Gift Shop and Restaurant just outside the NP gate and had some pizza for lunch. Drove back to the rig stopping on the way to see some falls on the Rogue River. River runs through lava rock (of course) and some places runs underground through lava tubes.
Piddled around at the rig that night. We will get up very early on Monday, dump the tanks and get to the Triple A RV Center in time for our 8 am appointment.


Got up around 5 am and got ready to leave. Made our way to the dump station and, you’ll never guess, the compartment wouldn’t open! The latch was broken. Could not believe it. Added that to the list of things needing repair.
Stopped at nearby Chevron station to fill up the rig and then off we went to get repairs. Made it to Triple A early and waited around to hear all the bad news. Actually they can get parts to repair steps, latch on sewer cabinet and roller for slide but not until Wednesday. We will camp in their parking lot until then. We plan to get away from Medford on Wed. afternoon and head for the coast.


Spent the night in the parking lot of Triple A RV Center. They are waiting on parts to be delivered. Hopefully, we will have everything finished tomorrow morning.
We drove to Medford City Center and visited the Chamber of Commerce. Picked up some information about the area and decided we wanted to go back to Ashland and try and see one of the plays being presented. We got tickets to see To Kill a Mockingbird at the Angus Bowmer Theater. We paid $70.50 each for seats on Row M, Seat 27 & 29. These were good seats. The theater was packed but mostly with school children. Very good play. We enjoyed it very much. It began at 1:30 and we got back to the rig about 4:30. Before the play we were going to walk to Senior Sam’s (recommended by Serena) since we had already parked in all day parking for $1.00. After about .7 mile (it was 1.7 miles there) we decided to turn back and find somewhere else. I wasn’t sure we could make it and eat lunch and get back by 1 PM. We stopped in at the Boulevard Café and had sandwiches. I had ½ Greek Sandwich (grilled chicken with olive spread and tomatoes and salad on delicious bread). Jim had ½ Smokestack (smoked ham and turkey with provolone on roll with chipotle cream cheese). They were both served with salad. Very good.
We also made reservations for a tour of Harry & David factory in Medford tomorrow at 9:15 am. After that we hope rig is done and we can leave town.


Did get to Harry & David factory for tour. The moment we went inside the door we were hit with the aroma of chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and cake. WOW! What a way to start the day.
Tour was great...saw all the lines working..making Moose Munch, fruitcake, chocolate candies. Walked through the basket prep area...huge room full of tables. Only a few lines working but the place will be full in November and December filling Christmas orders. We were each given little boxes with cookies and one chocolate candy. When we were back to the shop we looked around but decided we didn't need anything. Control! We could have purchased lots of stuff...they even carry wine. Everything looked good.
Went back to the RV shop and waited until everything was finished. The slide part ordered wasn't right!!! We went ahead and purchased the part and had it shipped to our niece in Seattle. Jim can actually replaced it himself so we will pick up from her when we are there.
Off we went headed to Coos Bay, OR. We'll find a place to stay when we get there. It's just a stopping place on our way up 101 along the coast.

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