Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hyder, AK, June 19-20, 2011

Happy Father's Day to Jim. We awoke this morning in Smithers, BC, across the road from the glacier. Had a beautiful drive to Hyder, AK.
We stoppped first in Moricetown, just 15 miles to the north from our campground. We needed to fill up the motorhome with diesel fuel. Our fuel gauge still does not work so we want to keep up with mileage driven and top up when possible. We have alot of driving to do before we board the ferry in Prince Rupert on June 23.
We followed 16 north to connect with 37 north towards the Alaska Highway. We will be taking a detour to Stewart/Hyder to hopefully see the bears. The road was very quiet...nice driving. We did see another black bear on the side of the road but that is all. Before turning off on 37A we had to cross the Nass River Bridge, a one lane wooden bridge spanning the Nass River gorge 400 feet wide and 130 feet below the bridge. WOW was all Jim could say...I just told him to keep driving. There was a roadside stop before we crossed and there were a couple of other rv's stopped there. I wondered if they were waiting for us to cross and watch the bridge collapse! It didn't thankfully so we went on our way. We have to cross that bridge again and I hope to get a was raining when we crossed today!
The 37A road to Hyder is said to be the most was! Mountains and glaciers and waterfalls everywhere. Since it was raining I couldn't really take any pics. Jim did stop right beside the Bear River so I could get out and take a pic of Bear Glacier right across the river! It was amazing! A blue glacier. The wind was strong and wet as I stood outside to get the pic. It was also colder than the morning in Smithers. The Glacier Highway is a beautiful drive.
We finally entered Stewart...small town of about 100 citizens and went straight through to the road to Hyder along the Portland Canal. There is Canadian customs when you return to Stewart from Hyder but no US Customs going in. The road instantly becomes dirt and you are met by a sign over the road welcoming you to Hyder, Alaska. We found our campground, Camp Run A Muck, at the end of the town and set up camp. Once done we hopped in the car and continued out of town to the Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Area to view the bears. Fish Creek is a large, clear creek where salmon swim up to spawn. We are too early and there are no salmon thus no bears. We will try back tomorrow to see if some come down for a drink.

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