Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mile "0" Alaska Highway, Dawson Creek, BC, July 30-31, 2011

Needed to get diesel and found a station right on the main road. We pulled in behind a truck pulling a trailer. The guy seemed confused so I thought I’d just mosey out and see if I could help. The guy sounded French and wasn’t even sure the pump was diesel…I told him it was so he went about trying to fill up. I went back into the rig. Pretty soon he drove off and we drove up to the pump. When Jim was out getting ready to pump the fuel the little guy came running back…he had left his credit card in the reader. Then the attendant came out and told the little guy he needed to pay. Very confusing! Jim finally was able to get fuel and stood and talked to the attendant while it was pumping.
We finally got on the road to Dawson Creek. This road was pretty boring for awhile…just road with matching sides. We had a few hills to climb. The only exciting thing was that after all this time, and all the gravel roads, we finally got hit in the windshield with a rock. Nice nickel size crack on Jim’s side. When we got to Dawson Creek Jim called USAA to see about getting it repaired. Don’t think it will be very easy to have done in Canada especially on a long holiday weekend.
We found our campground in Dawson Creek…the Mile “O” Campground just as we came into town. The office was the smallest thing I’ve seen so far. He gave us a nice pull-through with full hookups. We drove into town to the Wal-Mart and the Safeway to do some shopping. We also found the Dairy Queen and had a blizzard…not our usual but we tried something new, Turtle Pecan Cluster. It was good but not as good as our German Chocolate favorite.
Out campground is right next to Pioneer Village…and little outdoor museum with old buildings in a town setting. We visited there first thing the next morning and went all through the buildings and the property. I still think it’s funny when I see things in a museum that I’m familiar with or have used myself. Lots of the stuff looks like it came out of my mom’s house. They also had lots of old farm equipment and cars. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the tour. The lady at Pioneer Village also provided us with a map of Dawson Creek and some ideas of what to do and see. We drove into town and stopped at the Visitor’s Information Center and toured their in-house museum. One side was about the train station and the other was a regular museum with all kinds of things about Dawson Creek and the Alaska Highway. We sat and watched a film about the building of the Highway. Dawson Creek is mile zero for the Alaska Highway. Right outside the Visitor’s Center is the official marker for Mile “0”. We took some photos but will come back when we leave and take one with the rig. We started on the walking tour with the Art Gallery. It was full of local artist work and also a large collection of photographs from the building of the Alaska Highway. From there we walked across the street (Alaska Highway) to downtown Dawson Creek and walked all around town looking at the locations of historical buildings and reading the booklet as we went. They have lots of murals painted on the sides of buildings. Lots to see. We drove through the city and out the other side of town trying to find the buffalo which was advertised on the map. Never found any buffalo but did see some other parts of Dawson Creek. We actually discovered there IS a creek running right through the middle of Dawson Creek.
We ended our day in Dawson Creek at the Dairy Queen for another blizzard. We’ve missed our DQ!

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