Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chicken, AK to Dawson City, YT, July 25, 2011

Woke up in our dusty campsite and got back on the road…Top of the World Highway to be exact. It sounds great but it is a dirt road along the edge of a mountain and is wide enough in some places for just our motorhome. Thankfully, we got an early start hoping to beat anyone coming the other way. Some of the road ran along side some creeks and rivers and we saw cabins and trailers which are used by gold miners. We saw one little boat with a small dredge on it. We really saw no other cars for awhile. The weather was good..some sprinkles but no hard rain which would make the road muddy. We arrived at the border crossing into Canada right
behind another RV. We had no trouble getting through. We were
now in the Yukon Territory. The road is still dirt and gravel but we did see some paved areas. We also ran into fog or should I say clouds over the road. We were truly at the top of the world. It was amazing to see even though we had lots of clouds and overcast skies.

We made it to the Yukon River and watched the ferry come across to pick us up. It’s just a little thing and the river current is so fast. They look like they are being swept down with the current but they fight their way back to the dock. We actually fit on the ferry with the tow attached and took off for the other side. When we got close we couldn’t see where the dock was….it was just a pile of dirt on the edge of the river. They ran right up near it and dropped the ramp on the dirt and we drove off. It’s free…no complaints!

We drove through Dawson City... dirt roads too and found our campground on the outskirts of town. We set up camp, unhooked our filthy car and Jim took it to the car wash area to hose it off. We then went back into town to the visitor’s center. We picked up a walking tour and set off down the dirt streets. We saw all the sites and stopped in Bombay Peggy’s for a beer. On our way back to the car we decided to get pizza so, of course, we went to the Greek restaurant for that. Should’ve known better…the pizza was edible but that’s all I can say. The good news was we had half a pizza to eat another day! Got back to the rig and called it a night. We are leaving in the morning after Jim’s uses the RV wash to clean up the rig.

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