Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alaska Is On!!!

At least that is the plan....Alaska! We are heading out in mid May to Tucson for my nephew's wedding then heading west then north. So far the motorhome seems to be good except for the gas gauge. Still can't tell about fuel level. Jim is very good about topping up the tank so we feel we can manage without it. I don't think it's actually hit me yet that I will be gone for several months. It helps knowing we have people living in the house to take care of home base. I try not to get too overly planned about this....I could drive myself crazy if I did. We'll just take it as it comes....what else can we really do. We have all the books and maps and phones! Jim just purchased his smart phone...yes, Jim. He discovered how easy it was for me to check email and have access to internet in places we had not been able to do before. That was the deciding factor for him. I will begin daily (ha!) posting when we begin our trip. Until then......

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